iMagiGIF: easy! expressive!
and fun!!

Easily animate text, video and photos for dramatic and expressive messages!  

Drag on film strip to animate your favorite video, photo or live photo: forward, backward, time-lapse, slow-mo, hop, skip or jump.  Zoom in and move around within the image to make your point.  Pinch your text to make it pop, spin, bounce, hop or weave through the animation.  

Best of all, it is insanely easy to use:  just do it, watch it play, and then do it again to make it even better.  

Express yourself beyond words! 
iMagiGIF messages explode with personality!  
Your friends, pets and ideas will dance together.

No sign up, no sign in, no watermark, no ads, no popups, no notifications,
just pure fun!
Comes with 50 free creations, then you can get 50 more for only 99 cents.
No like, no pay.  No use, no pay.  ok!

Fastest and smallest GIF available for quick sending and receiving, and lower data usage.


Animate time (scrub) any video or live photo.
Add animated text to any photo, video or live photo.
Automatically paste any image that was copied from another app.
Animate zoom, rotation and position in photo, video, live photo or text.
Easy: just drag and/or pinch text in the path you want it to go.
Drag in the film strip at the bottom to make a path through time: forward, backward, slow motion, time-lapse, jumps, in any combination.