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Thanks to all the folks of, where 99% of the answers can be found without even having to ask.   One day it will achieve consciousness and start making apps of its own.

Open source code modifications are available on request.

  • Eddie Kohler, for wonderful gifsicle program for editing and compressing GIF files
  • Eliot Fowler, for EFCircularSlider(camera zoom control)
  •, the best fonts on the internet, and free!
  •, the most creative font community in the universe
  • Richard Dansci, for ios-custom-alertview-master (popup for pasting images from pasteboard)
  • Nick Lockwood, Charcoal Design, for iRate (ask the user to rate the app)
  • Jamin Schubert, JSVideoScrubber, for the video filmstrip
  • Roman Efimov, RESideMenu, side menu for sharing
  • Ignacio Romero Zurbuchen, DZNPhotoPicker, image finder