KaBoomerang: Expressive, Impressive, Easy!

Impressive GIF animation made easy. Forget text that just sits there! Make it wander playfully or zoom in your face. All you have to do is move it with your fingers and it plays back just the way you moved it!  This adds a whole new level of expression and excitement. Make it personal with 200+ truly different fonts, not just the old stuff that all looks the same, some are so crazy you can barely read them!

Drag along timeline the way you want to animate playback speed: gradual or sudden slow motion, stop, jump, stutter, even go backwards. What you see when you drag on timeline is what you get. Makes bounces and boomerangs seem old and clunky.

You can even add a selfie video bubble that can also be animated moving and zooming to express your reaction.

Record a GIF with builtin super-zoom camera, or use any photo, live photo or video in your library, or find the perfect photo or GIF on the web based on your text. You can also animate zooming in and around inside your photo or video to emphasis a point or make a story.

Share as GIF or video on Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, Apple iMessages, Tumblr, email, Hangouts, Google+, or save in your library. FrankenGIF uses the most advanced GIF compression only found on desktop machines, and runs on both processors of the phone to produce the smallest file so your GIF pops up faster for friends, and saves data transfer time and cost for you and your friends.

No ads, no notifications, no popups, no games, all fonts included, fully functionality enabled and first 10 posts on social media are free. After that it only costs 99 cents for 100 more posts. Try everything and only pay when you really like it.

● Expressive yet intuitive direct control of video speed. What you see when you slide your finger on time line is what you get!
● Slow down, stop, back up, go back and forth quickly, make it jerky or smooth, however you want!  Boomerang on steroids!
● Use any photo, live photo, video or GIF in your library or use built-in extreme zoom camera
● Easily add text that moves, rotates and zooms in sync with your GIF.  Just pinch and drag it around the way you want it to animate!
● Over 200 of the most unusual fonts available in the app store
● Search for photos and GIFs on the internet based on your text, then FrankenGIF them into something every better!
● Share as GIF or video on Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, iMessage, email, Tumblr, Google+, Hangouts
● Most optimized GIF on the app store for fastest upload and download by your friends, also reduces data charges
● Automatically pastes photo, video or GIF copied from other apps, you can add your own text and selfie layer!
● Photo, live photo, video or GIF can be cropped or can be animated zooming, rotating and panning by drag and pinch to focus and tell a story even with a regular photo